Vehicle room extensions from the air

Discover new dimensions

X GLOO is specialised in developing innovative pneumatic textile structures that can be used as vehicle-bound room extensions. These high-quality structures are made from the patented X GLOO 3DTEX textile fabric and offer a flexible solution for additional space at a completely new level of comfort in the caravanning sector.


The 2-layer pneumatic lifting element is made of X GLOO's patented X GLOO 3DTEX which features a mechanical, chemical and weather-resistant coating on both sides.
The structure features an extremely high strength and stability and creates rooms with a unique comfort experience.
discover X GLOO 3DTEX


Design . Ambience . Lightweight Construction

High sleeping comfort
Easy to use
Sound absorbing
Temperature insulating
UV & weather resistant
High safety standard


sound absorbing


UV resistant


powerful lifting strength



The inflatable X GLOO 3DTEX roof tents and room extensions for recreational vehicles provide a unique feeling of space and have numerous advantages compared to conventional solutions:

- generous feeling of space

- optimum insulation and a pleasant indoor climate in cold or hot weather

- sound insulation from the inside for more privacy

- sound insulation from the outside for a high level of comfort

- darkening, multi-layer outer shell for a restful night's sleep

- high stability and safety thanks to permanent air pressure monitoring

fast . quiet . reliable . space-saving . energy-saving 

X GLOO Pneumatic

Roof and mattress - inflated in no time at all

X GLOO supplies the right pump and control & monitoring systems for the pneumatic textile structures.

With the particularly quiet X-PUMP, a pop-up roof for a camping vehicle can be inflated or deflated in less than 2 minutes. And don't worry - if the air pressure drops, it is automatically re-pumped.

The pneumatic unit is installed in the rear garage or in furniture in the interior to save space and is connected directly to the vehicle electronics. The pump works with 12 V on-board voltage and has a power consumption of up to 300 watts.  

Comfort setting for mattresses included

The mattress in the roof bed can be inflated softer or harder as required via an app or at the touch of a button.


With the ability to activate the room extension while stationary, there is no need for a large vehicle. Easy handling and everyday usability, together with  eco-friendly consumption levels through weight- and volume savings are of primary importance.

Push-button setup
With a pneumatic system developed specifically for X GLOO, the room extensions can be set up at the push of a button.



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Our Projects

Lyseo Gallery TD 689 G

Feel-good atmosphere on the second floor

The innovative Bürstner Gallery Roof construction including X GLOO 3DTEX lifting bellows creates a generous space under the roof. The walls of the bellows, which inflate in 90 seconds at the touch of a button, are just over one metre high. The huge skylight and side windows flood the room with light and air. At the same time, the volume of air in the bellows provides good insulation. 

Inflatable mattress included
At 1.96 metres long and 1.48 metres wide, two people can sleep comfortably on the inflatable and comfortable mattress. 

Tested by Bürstner: 
The Lyseo Gallery TD was subjected to a variety of different stresses in the climate chamber: In ten cycles, each lasting 24 hours, the inflatable alcove was tested in heat, cold, wind, water and snow load. The Gallery's inflatable alcove was exposed to wind speeds of up to 12 km/h (120 km/h) and temperatures ranging from -30 °C to +80 °C. Snowfall was also simulated. Snowfall was also simulated: 0.5 m of old snow and 1 m of fresh snow, which corresponds to a load of 300 kg.
The alcove withstood all weather conditions without any problems. 

> promobil article: 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses of the inflatable alcove (only in German)

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Hymer Venture S

Small vehicle - generous space

The Hymer Venture S offers a generous amount of space thanks to the new inflatable lifting bellows. When fully unfolded, the sleeping area on the upper floor measures 1.50 metres in height.
The air mattress-like side walls are made from the extremely stable X GLOO 3DTEX textile structure - and don't worry - should a leak occur, there are two air chambers for safety. The inflated walls also serve as heat and sound insulation.

Control via app

The compressor, which is no louder than a table hoover, is activated via a button and the sleeping area is ready within a minute. The mattress in the roof bed can also be inflated softer or harder via a mobile phone app. The sleeping area is a generous 2.10 metres long and 1.48 metres wide.

At the head end of the roof bed, there is a large foil window that can be opened for ventilation and to look out. There is also a fly screen and a thermal mat for use in winter.

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