With high-quality, lightweight and quickly set-up tents, X GLOO is the inspiring choice for brand staging. Whether a trade fair tent, a tent for sporting events or a catering tent - with the inflatable X GLOO tent you create a very special advertising space, with your branding unmistakable uniqueness. Put your brand in the limelight!
Design your tent entirely to your wishes with the X GLOO tent configurator.

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tent. pavilion. shelter. meeting room. eye-catcher. 
A product of possibilities.


Lightness and aesthetics combined with maximum stability 

  • can be individually designed - all colours - any motif
  • set up by only one person in a few minutes
  • no permanent fan necessary
  • 5 different sizes
  • modularly expandable up to a tent city
  • easy to transport
  • suitable lighting for a special atmosphere
  • suitable for any terrain


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wind resistant

flame retardant



uv resistant


all terrain

Tent assembly with fun factor


X GLOO set-up time
pole tent set-up time
 X GLOO 6x6 mPole tent 6x6 m
Set-up timeca. 15 Min. with electric pumpca. 1,5 hrs
People for the set-up1 Person3 - 5 Persons
Complexity set-upSet-up with fun factor
very simple and intuitive, no effort required,
tent inflates by itself, no ladder necessary
Set-up with frustration factor
complex, must be done exactly according to instructions,
Many screw connections, ladder necessary
Number of partsthe tent consists of one part, plus the pump and attachments.the tent consists of many parts, including small parts,
risk of loss, missing parts prevent assembly
Rain / Snowflows or slides easily,
snow can be easily knocked off the dome shape
formation of water pockets on the roof sheet,
high snow load can lead to collapse
Look and Feelpleasing aesthetics due to dome shape,
modern design textile optics, pleasant feel
bulky look, has corners and edges
"Plastic" feel and look
Risk of injury during set-up/ disassemblynoincreased risk of injury, e.g. pinching fingers
Steadfastnessalso stands on 3 tubes, air escapes slowly, no collapse, low risk of injurypole breakage or overloading on one side leads to collapse of the tent, risk of injury.
Storage / Transporteasy to stow away in the pack sack, fits in every bootrequires a lot of space for storage and transport
Shippingpossible with parcel serviceonly with forwarding agent
Weight25 kg118 kg
Undergroundpossible on any surface, snow, sand and even on waternot suitable for every surface
Flexible rearrangementtent can be quickly moved on site, easy handling even when erected, maximum flexibilityonly possible with a lot of effort and several people


The right option for every event

Modular tent system - from single tent to tent city

From the 3x3m tent for smaller set-up areas to the 7x7m tent for your large event - choose the right size.
With our tent connection, the tent system is modularly expandable up to the tent city.



The tent walls are available as a standard wall (printable on both sides!), entrance wall or window wall and can be printed individually. 
The canopy with canopy banner extends the covered space and creates an impressive entrance area.
With the tunnel element, the tents can be connected easily.


Tent elements


Only the best for your event

Our inflatable tents are made to the highest standards of quality, safety and maximum stability.  The basic principle is always the combination of air, excellent engineering, high-quality material and outstanding workmanship ... down to the smallest detail.

One-Pump System

air inlet - 4 separate air chambers
shortest setup time, separate air chambers -> the tent stands also on 3 tubes
independent overpressure valve on each tube

YKK spiral zipper

smooth functionality from any pulling angle
high load-bearing capacity
no risk of zipper teeth breaking out

Aluminium keder rail in the tube intersection

Patented keder rail intersection for tube connection
Separate air chambers
Easy maintenance & repair of individual tubes is possible

„Push-push“ valves

easiest valve to operate
flush-surface design reduces risk of accidental opening
compatible with SUP pumps

No support rods no fan

easy to transport
small pack volume for convenient storage
simple to set up

Floating roof construction

exchangeable roof
flexible adjustment of roof during setup
folds and wrinkles can be straightened out

Aluminium profile foot

aluminum foot with achoring rings 
maximum stability
tube can be fully opened for service

Wind tunnel tested

documented wind resistance
stable in winds of up to 60 km/h when properly anchored


X GLOO tents are developed and designed in Germany. We meet the daily challenges with creativity and passion - until the perfect product is created.
The tents are manufactured in our own production facility in Latvia - the advantages are obvious:

  • high quality standard
  • simple and traceable quality control
  • short delivery times
  • reduced transport distances
  • environmentally friendly production practices
  • fair working conditions
  • standardised work processes

Invest in quality and durability and reap the benefits for many years to come!

Repair instead of throwing away

Our tents are not only known for their quality and durability, but also for their ease of repair.
In our own workshop, we professionally repair damage or signs of wear on your tent.

Instead of throwing your tent away and thus wasting resources, we rely on the principle of "repairing instead of throwing away". 

Why is this important?
Every tent that is repaired helps to reduce the need for new raw materials and minimises the energy required to manufacture new products.

Your very personal service

Our partners and the X GLOO Sales Team will advise you personally and competently - before the purchase - and after the purchase. We are there for you!

Let the professional advise you so that you get exactly the right tent with the right elements and accessories as well as the right fastening and packaging for your use. The right branding is also important. Get in touch with a partner near you or contact our Sales Team.  
You may also find the answer to your questions in our FAQs:


X GLOO event tents can be brilliantly printed and offer a large advertising space for your corporate design, your products and your advertising messages. The roof surfaces and canopies are particularly suitable for your corporate design, the walls for products and advertising messages. For a product relaunch, simply design new walls, print them and replace them!

The tent material has been specially developed for the wide range of applications and is optimised for two types of printing: 

Digital print
LOTUS white fabric for full-surface single-sided printing
Foil printing
NESTRA dyed fabric in the standard colours white, black, grey (421C), red (200C), blue (2728C) for partial printing.

In our print guide you will find out what you need to know for the perfect printing of your tent.

Printing Guide PDF

Experience our inflatable event tents and arrange a demo appointment with a dealer near youor directly with our sales team.

Do you already have a design idea? Then configure your tent yourself. Choose size, elements, colours, logo and design for your individually branded tent.

tent configurator

Do you need help with the design or would you like to see how several connected tents look? Our designers will visualise your design and tent combinations.

We check your data conscientiously and get in touch with you if we need changed or further data.
If required, we will create a colour sample for you.
Before the start of production, you will receive a print preview from us for approval.

You have questions about the use of the tent, need a repair or maintenance?
We offer a repair and maintenance service in our own workshop.

Ourdealers and the X GLOO Sales Team know their stuff - and will be happy to help you.
Contact us!

Our tents are designed for a long service life. And if there is any damage, you can have the tent repaired in our own workshop. 

Our dealers and the X GLOO Sales Team know their stuff - and will be happy to help you.
Contact us!



Do you have questions about our tents, matching elements and accessories, or about design and delivery times? Our dealers and the X GLOO Sales Team will help you quickly and easily!



For contracts with entrepreneurs, warranty claims become time-barred after one year (GTC). This means that the manufacturer is liable for manufacturing and material defects occurring at the time of production.

In addition to the warranty, X GLOO offers a 6-month wear and tear guarantee on all tents, elements and accessories. 
Damage caused by gross misuse, negligence and carelessness is excluded from the warranty.

If you would like to make a warranty claim, please complete this form.


X GLOO Repair Service

Our product stands for durability and high quality. We use only the best materials and attach great importance to careful workmanship. This means you can be sure that you will be able to use our product for years without it losing any of its quality or functionality. If, contrary to expectations, a defect should occur, we will repair your tent in our own workshop. 
For maintenance, repair and damage reporting, please use our service order.

Service order

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