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Extend the service life of your tents through proper care and storage.

Find out in the interview with X GLOO partner Michael Liebl from MLTS, tips and tricks for easy handling and the right care for your X GLOO tent.

What should I bear in mind when using the X GLOO tents?

To prevent the valves from leaking and the valve caps from closing properly, you should ensure that they are kept free of dirt. Especially on sandy surfaces.

If the temperature fluctuates greatly, the pressure relief valve may be triggered if it gets too hot and the tent loses some air. This can lead to the tent being under-pressurised at night when it cools down again.

Expert tip: Pump up the air again in the evening. In addition to the electric pump supplied, we recommend using the hand pump to pump up 4-5 more strokes until the pressure relief valve audibly triggers. Then you can be sure that your event tent has the optimum pressure again.

How do I clean & maintain the X GLOO tent correctly?

To clean your X GLOO tent properly, you should follow a few important care instructions. Depending on the frequency of use, check the X GLOO tent regularly for chafing and damage. To clean the fabric, we recommend using warm water with a soft cloth and a mild detergent. Solvents, washing machines or steam jets should not be used.

Important: After cleaning, the tent must be completely dry before it can be packed and stored.

Expert tip: Lay out a protective film before setting up the tent. This is because event tents mainly get dirty during assembly and dismantling. The protective film prevents coarse soiling in advance.


How should X GLOO tents be stored correctly?

X GLOO tents must be stored in a dry place, otherwise mould can become a problem. They should also not be stored too hot so that the fabrics and prints do not stick together.

If the tent is already damaged, the side walls or roof can also be ordered separately from us.

Expert tip: Practical transport boxes with wheels are available from us. This ensures that your event tent is optimally protected even during long-term storage.


What should I do if my X GLOO tent loses air?

A repair kit is included with every X GLOO tent. If the inner tube is damaged, you can use the repair kit to quickly repair minor damage. The inner tube can also be replaced in the event of major damage. It is best to inform us of any damage as soon as possible. This way you will receive immediate assistance. We will explain the repair process to you so that it can be carried out quickly and easily. If you do not want to repair your X GLOO tent yourself, we naturally offer a repair service.

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