X GLOO is both a system supplier and a solution finder for pneumatic textile structures. X GLOO's  Inflatable Event and  Rescue Tents have been market leaders since 2007.

Thanks to the new, patented innovation  X GLOO 3DTEX new pneumatic textile structures have been created, which are being used in vehicle-mounted room extensions in the  caravaning industry.

The recipe for the success of these inflatable structures is based on the effective combination of the development of technical textiles and innovative processing methods coupled with our own european production and service-oriented logistics, marketing and sales teams, including a world-wide network of distributors.

Room extensions for caravaning


Inflatable Textile Structures


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Tips from the expert

|   Event Tent

Extend the service life of your tents through proper care and storage.

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New: Tent Floor

|   Event Tent

Robust and waterproof tent floors are now available for your X GLOO tents!

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Electric battery pump

|   Event Tent

Inflate your tent without a power connection - with the new electric battery pump.


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Fold out

|   Presse

Read the article about the new Fold Out, which is being developed by X GLOO for the Lippert company.

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