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X GLOO is both a system provider and solution finder for pneumatic textile structures. The inflatable eventtents and rescue tents from X GLOO have been conquering the market worldwide since 2007. 
The brand-new patented innovation X GLOO 3DTEX creates new pneumatic textile structures that are used in vehicle-bound space extensions in the camping industry

You are welcome to visit us in Marquartstein. Please contact our Customer Service beforehand and make an appointment so that we can plan sufficient time for you.

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An X GLOO tent is an inflatable and individually designable, printable event tent as well as a rescue tent for fire brigade and aid organisations.

Our tents are available in the basic sizes: 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 and 7x7 meters.
The rescue tents are available in sizes: 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5 meters.

The modular system and the simple connections, using high-quality YKK spiral zippers, allow individual elements such as the roof or columns to be replaced at any time. Thus, the tent components are freely exchangeable and the X GLOO tent can be easily extended to a modular tent city with the connection elements.

 GLOO produces the tents in its own production in Latvia. We are proud to have found a way to produce our products under fair working conditions and at the same time at market-driven prices within Europe, thus strengthening Europe as a business location. That is why our products also display a "MADE IN EUROPE" seal.

Our tents have been extensively tested, thus comply with many standards and have several certifications. These include the wind certificate, the fire protection standards according to DIN 4102-B1 and CPAI 84 standard, the YKK Zipper according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and the UV resistance according to DIN ISO 105-B02. Furthermore, our products are equipped with the "Made in Europe" label and were awarded the "reddot design award".

The tents are size-dependent and once securely fixed and anchored they are wind resistant up to 60 km/h. This has been verified by tests in a professional wind tunnel. Windkanaltest Wind Resistance Certificate.

Our event tents are tested according to DIN 4102-B1 - short: B1 (regulates tests and requirements for the fire behaviour of building materials and components according to the German federal standard, which is also used in most European countries) and CPAI 84 standard (specification of the American Canvas Products Association for the evaluation of flame-retardant materials used in tents).

The inflatable X GLOO event tent is not intended for continuous use and should be checked for pressure loss before each day of use.  

Due to the design, high temperature fluctuations (day and night) or continuous use can lead to pressure losses via the pressure relief valves, so that the tent may have to be pumped up again. We therefore recommend checking the tent for pressure loss every 24 hours.

Our tents stand for design and construction of the highest quality and functionality. This also shows important details like durable and robust materials. The textiles used for our tents have been carefully selected and passed several tests. The material has a sun protection factor UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of over 50 and achieves the blue scale level 5-6 of the lightfastness test according to DIN EN ISO 105-B02. According to what is technically feasible at the moment, digitally printed components have a lower lightfastness compared to the dyed textiles mentioned above.

All materials used are carefully selected with regard to light fastness and have been subjected to strict tests. Nevertheless, a change in colour of the material is possible with strong UV exposure (e.g. at high altitudes or with long standing times). Due to the different influencing parameters, it is hardly possible to predict the period of use at which fading becomes visible. White cloth also tends to yellow due to UV exposure as well as dust and dirt.

Colours and Printing

Yes, with our 3D tent configurator you can design your own event tent. You can select all elements, add colours and place your individual graphics.

Tent Configurator

Digital print
LOTUS white fabric for full-surface single-sided printing
Foil printing
NESTRA dyed-through fabric in the standard colours white, black, grey (421C), red (200C), blue (2728C) for partial printing

There are two different printing methods for printing your inflatable tent.  

The first option is digital printing, which is carried out using the high-quality sublimation process. You can design all tent elements individually over the entire surface according to your corporate design and have colour-complex motifs and advertising messages printed on them. Please specify your colour requirements in CMYK (or Pantone).  

The second option is thermal transfer foil printing. The foil print, which is partially pressed on by heat, is available on our tents in standard colours (black, grey, white, red and blue). The possible size for continuous motifs is the printing press plate (670x970 mm). Fonts, on the other hand, can also be displayed larger. Single-colour fonts and graphics are cut out of foil and smaller multi-coloured motifs are digitally printed on foil beforehand.


Yes, that is possible. You have two options for this:
1. you order a new tent element from your X GLOO dealer or from us. The new element can then be printed using digital printing or foil printing.
2. ask your X GLOO dealer or us for a quotation for subsequent foil printing. The feasibility is checked and if subsequent printing is possible, you send us your element and we print it with foil printing.

The tent material, specially developed for its use requirements, consists of a polyester fabric coated with polyurethane. It is hard-wearing, water-repellent and stabilised against UV radiation. This has resulted in the LOTUS (digital printing) and NESTRA (foil printing) fabrics, which have been optimised for different types of printing. They support the durability of the tent and have an attractive feel and look.

We use the high-quality printing process of sublimation. Your mirrored motif is first printed on a coated and heat-resistant transfer paper. In the further process, the ink becomes gaseous under the influence of high temperature and pressure. It penetrates the fabric and fixes itself in the fibres. The brilliant colour result becomes visible on the printed side!

Our LOTUS fabric developed for this process can only be printed on one side and is not opaque. Thus, the mirror-inverted motif of pictures and graphics or the softened colour tone can become visible on the non-printed side in the show-through effect or is simply white.

Yes! A double-sided visible and different print can be realised via the double fabric web, with a special barrier layer on the reverse side.

With high-quality thermal transfer foil printing, the motif is either digitally printed on a foil and freed from the non-printed white areas [weeded] or directly cut out [plotted] from a single-colour foil. The foil consists of a hot-melt adhesive and a layer of ink, which lies mirror-inverted on a heat-resistant transfer foil. In the pressing process, the hot-melt adhesive is released by the heat of the press and the motif is fixed to the fabric by pressure. The removable backing film is then removed.

Yes, single-colour fonts and motifs are cut out [plotted] from a solid-coloured high-performance foil. The colours are limited by the foil selection. Multi-coloured motifs are digitally printed on white high-performance foil and then the non-printed areas are removed. This means that all colours, images and graphics can be realised. In principle, combinations of both can be realised.


You can create a tent according to your wishes and request a quote using our configurator. The request will be forwarded to one of our dealers.

Tent Configurator

Oder Sie nehmen direkt Kontakt zu einem unserer Partner auf. 

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Create your tent according to your ideas in our configurator. (Link to the configurator).

Tent Configurator

The finished project can then be sent as a request by a mouse click. Our competent partner will contact you within 24 hours (weekdays), advise you of further information and order the tent for you. Of course, our Customer Service is also available to you during business hours on +49 8641 6948-60.

You are also welcome to contact one of our dealers directly:

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Our tents are created individually for each customer and are available in various combinations and sizes for the most diverse applications. It is therefore not possible to quote a flat rate price. Please contact us or our trade partners in your area. They will be happy to assist and create your individual tent together with you.

A change to your order is only possible if production has not yet been initiated. In this case, please contact our Customer Service as soon as possible.
Phone: +49 8641 694810

Generally, all designs are saved by our graphics department and so the "old" design can be applied to your new tent. Please contact your X GLOO dealer or our Customer Service directly with your request.

Phone +49 8641 694810

It depends on the size of the order, the desired design, and the preferred print style. Unprinted tents in standard colours are available immediately from the warehouse and can be delivered to you in a few days after receipt of order. If your logo, lettering, etc. is to be applied to the tent using thermal transfer printing, the time span from approval your design to dispatch is approx. 2 weeks.
For an individualised design of the X GLOO Tent - i.e. full-surface printing by means of digital printing - the production time from your approval is up to 4 weeks. For all variations (stock items, thermal transfer printing and digital printing), the delivery time to the desired delivery location will be added. When shipping from the production site to delivery addresses in Germany, the UPS standard shipping takes about 5 working days, to other European countries 5 - 7 days. For delivery dates outside the EU, please ask your dealer or our Customer Service separately. In addition, we offer an express shipping option, which reduces delivery times within Germany to 1 day and within Europe to 1-3 days.

You can choose between standard and express delivery. Express delivery within Germany usually takes only one day and within Europe on average 1-2 days, standard delivery within Germany approx. 5 working days and within Europe 5 - 7 working days. Depending on the delivery address there may be deviations. Please contact our Customer Service to confirm your delivery time.

Not via X GLOO directly, but please contact one of our X GLOO dealers.

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The setup instructions can be found under the following link:

Quick User Guide

Our event tents are not pop-up tents/ self-assembling tents, but the setup is still very easy. The tent can be pitched within a few minutes using an electric pump. If there is no electricity available, the tent can also be inflated with a hand pump. Even this takes only slightly longer than with an electric pump.

No. Our tents can be inflated using a hand pump.

With an electric pump, the setup time for the small XC3 is about 3 minutes, for the XD4 about 5 minutes, for the XD5 about 10 minutes and for the XD6 about 15 minutes.

The dismantling instructions can be found under the following link:

Quick User Guide

The mounting systems on the tent have devices for soft and hard ground. X GLOO offers specific fastening accessories for these surfaces. Ballast sacks, ballast barrels and various anchors for sand, snow and stone have been specially developed to be used on hard surfaces and in different wind forces.

Fastenings for the tent

Please find an overview of our mounting kits under the following link: 

Fastenings for the tent

Our tents come in different sizes. For a 4x4, the folded tent fits in our practical XL transport trolleys and measures 90x40x45, which is about the size of a 165L suitcase. The 5x5 and 6x6 tents fit into our XXL Transport Trolley with packing dimensions of 102x46x64, which corresponds to a 285L suitcase. The large tents can also be stored in our practical and very durable aluminum box, which measures 119.2x79x51.7, equivalent to four 105L suitcases.

Repair and spare parts

It is unlikely that the tent will break - but if it does, please contact your X GLOO dealer first with your queries regarding repairs, installation of spare parts, technical problems etc.  If you have any further questions, please contact the X GLOO Customer Service department. In various countries, we also have certified repair centres which can help you to repair your tent professionally. You are also welcome to fill in our service order form: 

Service Order

Should an incident occur with which you are not satisfied, please feel free to contact our Customer Service department with your concerns. They will work with you to find a mutually satisfactory solution.

Phone:    +49 8641 694810
Mail.: info(at)xgloo.com

Spare parts can be ordered via our shop. If you cannot find the part you are looking for, please contact your X GLOO dealer first.  If you have any further questions, please contact the X GLOO Customer Service.

Spare Parts

Each of our event tents comes standard with a repair kit. This kit contains, among other things, a replacement tube (the so-called bladder). If for any reason a bladder should be defective, you can replace it yourself in a couple of easy steps.

Check the affected components and make sure that each valve (including the pressure relief valve) is properly closed. If all valves are closed correctly and the tent continues to lose air, replace the relevant bladder (air tube). Each delivery contains a repair kit with a replacement tube. Furthermore, there is also the possibility that you repair the affected tube yourself on site. The repair kit also contains the necessary material and repair instructions. If you still lose air despite all repair attempts, please contact your X GLOO dealer.

With our tent, there is almost no damage that cannot be repaired on-site. If, for example, a tube should break, a replacement tube can be sent to you. If the tent is so damaged that it can no longer be pitched, it is best to contact our customer service. The cost of repair in such a case always depends on the level of damage.

For contracts with entrepreneurs, warranty claims become time-barred after one year (GTC). This means that the manufacturer is liable for manufacturing and material defects occurring at the time of production.

In addition to the warranty, X GLOO offers a 6-month wear and tear guarantee on all tents, elements and accessories. 
Damage caused by gross misuse, negligence and carelessness is excluded from the warranty.