SCA pop-up roof

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SCA presents the X GLOO pneumatic lifting element with parallel position - the innovation at the CMT in Stuttgart!


With the latest product innovation from X GLOO, SCA relies on the well-known advantages of pop-up roofs: additional space, two more berths and headroom in the vehicle. 
In addition, the new pneumatic lifting element offers even more: as a product study close to series production, the new pop-up roof can almost double the space gain with a pneumatic parallel position for the VW T6 and comes with further practical plus points such as significantly improved insulation and soundproofing.


With the pneumatic lifting element, the roof is raised and closed fully automatically without manual operation. A compressor installed in the vehicle inflates a multi-layered bellows in the form of a membrane, which raises the roof completely and keeps it open. This completely eliminates the need for components such as stay arms or gas struts, which are used in conventional solutions. When the roof is closed, the air is vacuumed out of the bellows so that the construction height is kept as low as possible.
In combination with the roof shell and lying surface, the inflatable walls form a stable room structure that defies wind and weather at all times. The multi-layered structure of the membrane is not only weatherproof, but also has a sound-insulating and, above all, temperature-insulating effect - camping in winter conditions with low outside temperatures is thus possible even in vehicles with pop-up roofs without sacrificing comfort.
The resistant material of the textile bellows meets high safety standards. The multi-cell design ensures safe operation even in the event of partial damage to the pneumatic structure. Repairs in case of minor damage are possible without any problems - longevity and thus sustainable use are thus ensured.
Two integrated windows allow a view to the outside. The right one can be opened for ventilation. In the direction of travel, there is a further opening option at the front and rear. The parallel arrangement not only offers considerably more space in the roof space - lying down is possible without restrictions in and against the direction of travel. The lying surface can be flexibly moved along the entire length of the roof. This makes a variety of floor plans and usage scenarios conceivable.