ISO 9001

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The new certification attests to X GLOO's comprehensive quality orientation in entrepreneurial thinking and action.

The start-up company X GLOO has expanded its business of inflatable event and rescue tents to include additional business areas in 2022. With the new X GLOO 3DTEX technologypneumatic textile structures are created that are used in vehicle-based space extensions in the camping industry. The first series products are pneumatic pop-up roofs for motorhomes. Since the end of last year, X GLOO has been a system supplier for the motorhome industry with these products. 

"In order to shape the associated further company growth and to be able to ensure the requirements of our customers in terms of quality and processes, the logical consequence for us was to introduce a standardised quality management system that is comprehensible for all," says Uwe Thumm, CEO of X GLOO.

The entire X GLOO team made every effort to establish the internal requirements for qualification in 2022.

The result: two ISO 9001 certificates!

One certificate for the X GLOO site in Marquartstein and another certificate for the production site in Sigulda, Latvia.

With the certified quality management system according to the international standard ISO 9001, X GLOO not only proves to the outside world that quality orientation determines every sub-process of entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Quality management is also the driving force for the internal further development and improvement of work processes, especially with regard to customer satisfaction. X GLOO is thus a trustworthy partner for current and future customers, partners and suppliers.