|   Rescue Tent

The company X GLOO from Marquartstein donated an XG4 emergency tent to the active fire brigade.

Commander Thomas Kunsler, board member Alexander Baur and mayor Andreas Fenzl accept it on behalf of Veronika Stärz, employee at X GLOO and initiator of the donation.

"The emergency tent is a great asset for our fire brigade," says Commander Thomas Kunsler. "We can use it for all kinds of operations and are even better equipped to do our job." Board member Alexander Baur is also enthusiastic: "The fire brigade is always happy to receive support from local companies and from the population. We are very grateful for this. But such a generous donation is rare." For Mayor Andreas Fenzl, one thing is certain: "It's great to see how companies get involved for the good of the community. We thank them for this donation and will make the best use of it."

Veronika Stärz from the X GLOO company explains, "The tents are designed for rescue missions to ensure that they can be deployed within minutes. We are pleased to be able to support the Rimsting fire brigade." X GLOO specialises in manufacturing tents for rescue services and events.

Thanks to the donation, the Rimsting firefighters are now well equipped for all weather conditions during operations. The rapid deployment tent can be erected with compressed air within minutes and offers the emergency services safe shelter regardless of the weather.

People in the handover photo from left to right:
Mayor Andreas Fenzl
Board member Alexander Baur
Commander Thomas Kunsler
Veronika Stärz from the company X GLOO