New Wall Ballast expands the range of existing anchoring/stabilization elements

Skywalk, the tent manufacturer from Southern Germany, is introducing a new ballasting option for use on all ground surfaces. The Wall Ballast can be used to stabilize the walls on any size X GLOO® Inflatable Event Tent—whether the small 4x4m model, the 5x5m or 6x6m tent or even the 8x8m giant—and to reduce the risk of damage from strong winds. X GLOO® tents now brave the weather like never before!

Like the Tube Ballasts from X GLOO®, the new Wall Ballasts are lightweight and have a small pack volume when empty. When full, each Wall Ballast measures 200cm long and 16cm in diameter, and can be quickly and easily attached to the tent wall using the four toggles. Based on the tent size, up to three ballasts may be required for each wall to ensure maximum stability.

Also like the Tube Ballasts, the Wall Ballast can be filled either with water or with sand/stones. The included faucet adapters and fill hose make it easy for one person to fill the ballast with water. When filled to capacity with water, each Wall Ballast weighs approximately 30 kg. If filling with sand or stones, it is important to first remove the water bladder found inside the ballast. This will prevent abrading and damaging the bladder. Four handles are sewn on each ballast for easy transport to your setup location after filling.

„With regard to the new X GLOO® Wall Ballasts, it was important for us to offer our customers the same high level of flexibility found in our tents,“ says Everhard Uphoff, Head of Marketing & Sales at X GLOO®. „After all, our Allrounder can be set up just about anywhere so the ballast options need to have the same degree of flexibility!“

The new Wall Ballast perfectly complements the existing X GLOO® anchoring/stabilization options: Tube Ballasts are generally recommended for anchoring the tents on hard surfaces. At higher wind speeds the large Water Ballast Barrels can alternatively be used. Water Ballast Barrels also double as convenient seating and offer an additional surface for branding by adding an optional printed cover!

Anchoring Sets, which include an assortment of heavy-duty tent pegs, are recommended for use on soft ground surfaces such as sand or grass.

Multiple anchoring options may also be used in combination—an Anchoring Set and Ballast Barrels, for example—to achieve the optimal stability of your X GLOO® Inflatable Event Tent.