Inflatable Display Wall enables flexible and portable branding indoors or -out

With the Inflatable Display Wall, Skywalk offers a flexible and portable presentation wall. Similar to X GLOO’s Inflatable Event Tent, the Display Wall can be set up in minutes and is highly suitable for both indoor- and outdoor use. The Wall Print is tensioned over a matte-black PVC Inflatable Frame. This is supported, depending on the setup location, by Aluminum- or Inflatable Supports. The Display Wall can also be securely anchored using tent pegs or X GLOO’s Water Ballast Barrels.


The Display Wall measures 3 meters wide and 2,25 meters high and the tubes of the Inflatable Frame have a diameter of 21 cm. When connected to the Inflatable Support the wall has a depth of 1,3 meters. In tight spaces, the depth can be reduced by using the Aluminum Support. The Wall Print is 2,79 meters wide and 2,04 meters high, offering a surface of nearly 6 square meters for your image or message, which is represented in brilliant color through high-quality dye-sublimation printing. Thanks to a clever, yet simple system of toggles, the Wall Print can be quickly and easily replaced as often as you need to.


Thus, X GLOO® clients can choose between different motifs to suit every event. Especially for agencies with numerous clients, the X GLOO® Inflatable Display Wall represents a cost-effective presentation format. „Many of our X GLOO® clients especially appreciate the personalization options of the tent ,“ says Erich Grossar, Austrian distributor for X GLOO®.


„Above all, at trade fairs or when the X-GLOO® is used as a marketing tool for product presentations, our clients might need an extra advertising surface – and the Display Wall is just the perfect addition! Added personalization in the trendy X GLOO® design!“ Just like the X GLOO® Event Tent, the Inflatable Display Wall is a modular system: the shackles at the four corners of the Inflatable Frame make it possible to connect any number of Display Walls together. „We always kept the focus on the core features of our X GLOO Tent during the development of the Display Wall: Flexibility, user-friendliness, elegant design, high quality and durability,“ according to Manfred Kistler, business director at Skywalk and inventor of the X GLOO® lightweight tent.


„The Display Wall joins all these features and complements the tent wonderfully! The only difference between the Display Wall and the Event Tent is that the Display Wall has no internal air bladders: The frame and the optional Outdoor Support are themselves inflated. This is possible since the materials used for the Display Wall are welded together, not sewn, and therefore can handle more pressure.


“ Two important features of the Inflatable Display Wall are its flexibility and ease of operation: The Display Wall can be used indoors and outdoors thanks to the robust quality of the frame and optional Inflatable Support, the fulfillment of B1-fire-protection norms and the ease of cleaning. Additionally, the optional mesh material available for the Wall Print is air-permeable and offers improved stability during outdoor use. Despite its size, the Inflatable Display Wall, along with both the Inflatable and Aluminum Supports, can be packed in the provided Trolley for easy transportation to and from your event location! To ensure an easy setup of the Inflatable Display Wall, X GLOO has provided a quick-setup guide with easy-to-understand illustrations printed directly on the Inflatable Frame.


Plus, with the available Aluminum Supports, Inflatable Support, Peg Set, and the included anchoring lines, X GLOO offers anchoring options for the Display Wall which allow it to be set up on any ground surface. The Inflatable Support offers the flexibility to be used on hard- or soft ground surfaces since it can be partially filled with water in high-wind conditions, or it can be anchored with the optional 500mm-long tent pegs inserted through three D-rings. For setup in locations with higher wind speeds, you can alternatively (or additionally) use X GLOO Water Ballast Barrels to anchor the Display Wall.