Within the framework of a long-standing cooperation with the University of Munich, X GLOO® is sponsoring an event tent for the Booster- and Alumni Association of the Munich Print- and Media Engineers (MDMI)

For years now, X GLOO® has been working closely together with the University of Munich. Theory and practical application meet and generate a continuous transfer of know-how in both directions. X-GLOO® regularly guides graduation candidates during their academic theses, provides internships and functions as a recruiting platform for graduates. The future print- and media engineers can contribute their professional knowledge to X GLOO®, and in return are rewarded with new impulses from practical experience.

Within the framework of this profitable cooperation, X GLOO® is providing the Booster- and Alumni Association of the Munich Print- and Media Engineers (MDMI) a black 4x4 X-Gloo with silver walls. The association will be using the inflatable lightweight tent for indoor- and outdoor events like recruitment trade shows, barbecue festivals and alumni meetings.

For optimal attention-getting effect, the MDMI is taking advantage of the numerous personalization features which the trendy X GLOO offers: eye-catching logo-printing on the tent roof as well as digitally printed velcro banners for attachment on the side walls.

„For the future, we plan on continuing this win-win situation for both sides“ said Prof. Dr. Sabine Wölflick of the University of Munich. „With Skywalk, we feel good about having a dependable partner on our side with whom we can continue to implement many exciting projects!“