Use&Care Instructions

Here you get information about Operation, Storage, Maintenance and Cleaning.

  All kinds of repairs can be done in our Service Center in Marquartstein. Please use for commissioning the service order sheet.


  • Keep open fires and heat sources away from the X GLOO.
  • When the tent is used in sandy terrain, avoid getting sand grains in the Tubes or in the Pump
  • Keep the Valves free of sand and dirt particles and clean them if necessary, since this can cause faulty operation and leakage.
  • The tent can be damaged by the penetration of sharp objects (e.g. knives, tools) in the Tubes causing leakage and loss of pressure. Handle the X GLOO with appropriate care.
  • Avoid extreme variations in temperature (day and night) or long-term use. This can lead to loss of pressure caused by material- or structural damage, requiring reinflation of the tent.


Procedure in the case of pressure loss:


  • FIRST close all Valves TIGHTLY!
  • If pressure loss continues, blow out the Overpressure Valves to remove all dust or dirt particles.
  • If pressure loss still continues, the quickest solution is to remove the Bladder and replace it, since Bladder damage is likely!
  • If the damage can be found from the outside and the damaged area is smaller than 1 cm -> Apply the Adhesive Repair Patch from the Repair Kit.
  • If the damaged area cannot be found, spray some soap suds onto the inflated Bladder surface so that the escaping air bubbles are visible and the damage can be located. Then apply the Adhesive Repair Patch to repair the Bladder.


  • Avoid pressure spots (e.g. do not lean on the tent with your knees while folding the tent up).
  • Store the X GLOO Inflatable Event Tent in a dry location and at temperatures not exceeding 40° celsius.
  • Do not pack or store the X GLOO Inflatable Event Tent in moist conditions, since this can cause the formation of mold spots and discoloration.
  • At temperatures lower than 0° celsius, folding under pressure can lead to damage of the components. Take special care with the Window Wall elements in low temperatures and pack them carefully.
  • Never store the X GLOO Inflatable Event Tent  in an automobile in direct sunlight. The intense heat can cause the window elements to stick together irreversibly, or may cause permanent damage to the cloth.
  • Important information! Dye-Sublimation printed elements must be stored in dry condition! f the elements are store while still damp, the printing inks from the printed material can rub together and the printing can become permanently damaged! We are unable to accept liability.

Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Maintenance and repair should be carried out only by the manufacturer or by an authorized operation.
  • The X GLOO Inflatable Event Tent should be periodically inspected for chafe marks and damage and promptly repaired.
  • In order to avoid damage of the material coating, only warm water and a very soft brush should be used to clean the tent. Use a mild alkaline solution and a cloth for optimal cleaning.
  • Do not use solvents, washing machines or steam cleaning.
  • Re-waterproofing is not possible.