xgloo2go! The new, compact XC 3 (10x10ft tent) goes on tour!


X GLOO has come up with something very special this summer:

They have sent the latest member of the X GLOO tent family, the 10x10ft XC 3, on tour – to be passed from one person to the next.

The idea is that their compact and versatile 3x3m Inflatable Tent can be put to use for up to two weeks before it needs to be handed off to someone else.

For these two weeks, each person who gets the tent can put it to use at whatever event or in whatever setting they have in mind – the more creative, the better! Whether as a simple party tent, as a point of sale (POS) in a market, as an inflatable bar, on the beach or in the snow there are no limits to the imagination when using it!

“We hope that as many people as possible will enjoy this mobile, flexible and easy-to-use solution and we look forward to receiving pictures and videos in as many locations and countries as possible,” says Sven Künzel, Head of Sales at X GLOO.

To send it off on its world tour, the X GLOO team carried the XC 3 with them in the ‘Firmenlauf Chiemgau’ (Chiemgau company run), a 5k race along the shore of lake Chiemsee. Grinning, the team carried the compact event tent – fully inflated – along the entire course, much to the amusement of spectators and fellow participants.


The X GLOO XC 3 is on tour – where will it be next?

Follow it under #xgloo2go or directly on Instagram and discover more examples of how the 3x3m XC 3 — and other sizes in the range of X GLOO Event Tents — can be put to use!

The mobile Location, at the Location (Traide fair) in Sindelfingen and Düsseldorf!

The mobile Location, at the Location (Traide fair) in Sindelfingen and Düsseldorf!

On July 12, 2018, in Sindelfingen and October 10, in Düsseldorf, X GLOO® will be exhibiting for the first time at the Location Trade Fair. As the mobile location of the event industry, X GLOO® is prepared for every event, no matter what, no matter where.

X GLOO‘s range of inflatable tents starts with the new XC 3 (3x3m), and also includes the XG 4 (4x4m), XG 5 (5x5m), XG 6 (6x6m) and the XG 8 – their largest event tent at 8x8m. The tents can be used anywhere, offer a high degree of flexibility, and are built to provide years of use.

Whether you are looking for a flexible canopy for a small event or exhibit, or an easy-to-set-up hall-like structure; the ability to combine different tent sizes infinitely with each other makes the X GLOO® products adaptable for any environment. Thanks to their light weight, compact design and modest pack size, your location can be set up alone—they are simply easy to use. The premium-quality workmanship of the X GLOO® inflatables makes them loyal companions for years, and truly transform your event!

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