10 Years of X-GLOO®! 10 Years of X-cellence! 10 Years of X-perience! Happy 10th Anniversary!

X GLOO® – manufacturer of the original Inflatable Event Tent and worldwide leader in quality, design and innovation – is celebrating its 10th Anniversary.

X GLOO® is a brand of Skywalk GmbH & CO KG, a German designer and manufacturer of Skywalk paragliders, Flysurfer kitesurfing equipment and the X GLOO® Inflatable Event Tent. The first X GLOO tent prototypes were actually designed to provide shelter, training rooms and storage during paragliding and kitesurfing events. However, a larger market for corporate branding and events ultimately launched the X GLOO® Inflatable Event Tent internationally.

The goal was not only to build a tent which could withstand extreme weather conditions such as high wind speeds, extreme sun exposure, rain and snow; but also one which could also function independent of any power source. The tent also had to have an impressive shape and design, be lightweight, and of course be quick and easy to set up. No easy task—yet the inventors at Skywalk soon had their first prototypes ready using years of aeronautical and lightweight textile experience to their advantage.

The new aerodynamic tent was christened with the name X GLOO® because of the igloo shape provided by the arching tubes and expanded roof. The round, igloo shape of the tent as well as the high-quality components would become the trendsetter in the industry.

Manfred Kistler, co-founder of Skywalk and inventor of the X GLOO®, remembers “the inital reactions to the X GLOO Inflatable Event Tent were enormous. Everyone wanted one, so we decided to create a new business division under Skywalk called X GLOO.”

Since its product launch in 2007, X GLO® has been the innovator, trendsetter and specialist in inflatable event tents. The company has invested thousands of hours in engineering and extensively tested dozens of fabrics and tent prototypes to ensure that X-GLOO tents are the best quality, best looking and most reliable tents on the market. Due to these commitments to quality, design and rigorous product development, X GLOO® was awarded the red dot design award in 2008.

X GLOO® is an internationally recognized brand and trusted product. A short list of companies using X GLOO® inflatable event tents are Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Coors Light, Yogi Tea, Go Pro, DJI, BKT Tires, Landrover, Jaguar, Audi, Ford, Chevrolet, Adidas, Puma, Nike, Trek, and Thule.

In addition to having a successful product, Skywalk GmbH & CO KG and its X GLOO® team provide excellent service including in-house graphic design, product development and custom fabrications, technical support, customer service, and have repair centers located in strategic markets. X GLOO® has a strong global position with a network of over 50 distribution partners around the world.

To make this anniversary even more special, X GLOO® will be breaking new ground and writing new history by establishing its US Headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina by the Summer of 2017. This will enable X GLOO® to dominate North American markets and also provide more support to North American sales and distribution channels.