– Paul Guschlbauer chooses X GLOO® for his latest adventure! – Paul Guschlbauer chooses X GLOO® for his latest adventure!

X GLOO will be accompanying Paul Guschlbauer on his 180-day flight adventure from Alaska to Patagonia ( In total, he will cover 18,000 km with his 1956 Piper Super Cub – with his constant companion, the X GLOO® XC3!

For his trip, the inflatable 3x3m tent will be put to use as a rain shelter, sunshade, gear/supply tent and as a mobile interview location for press appointments. In an pinch, it can also serve as a camp for the night. Due to the small pack size and the light weight it is tailor-made for for this trip, serving as the Swiss army knife of tents. Set it up anywhere, and use it for anything!

See the first pictures from Paul’s adventure here.

Find more information about the inflatable XC 3 Event Tent from X GLOO® here.

xgloo2go! The new, compact XC 3 (10x10ft tent) goes on tour!


X GLOO has come up with something very special this summer:

They have sent the latest member of the X GLOO tent family, the 10x10ft XC 3, on tour – to be passed from one person to the next.

The idea is that their compact and versatile 3x3m Inflatable Tent can be put to use for up to two weeks before it needs to be handed off to someone else.

For these two weeks, each person who gets the tent can put it to use at whatever event or in whatever setting they have in mind – the more creative, the better! Whether as a simple party tent, as a point of sale (POS) in a market, as an inflatable bar, on the beach or in the snow there are no limits to the imagination when using it!

“We hope that as many people as possible will enjoy this mobile, flexible and easy-to-use solution and we look forward to receiving pictures and videos in as many locations and countries as possible,” says Sven Künzel, Head of Sales at X GLOO.

To send it off on its world tour, the X GLOO team carried the XC 3 with them in the ‘Firmenlauf Chiemgau’ (Chiemgau company run), a 5k race along the shore of lake Chiemsee. Grinning, the team carried the compact event tent – fully inflated – along the entire course, much to the amusement of spectators and fellow participants.


The X GLOO XC 3 is on tour – where will it be next?

Follow it under #xgloo2go or directly on Instagram and discover more examples of how the 3x3m XC 3 — and other sizes in the range of X GLOO Event Tents — can be put to use!

The new XC 3! 3x3m / 10x10ft Event Tent!

The new XC 3! 3x3m / 10x10ft Event Tent!

Designed for 3x3 m / 10x10 ft exhibition spaces.

With the launch of the XC 3 Event Tent, X GLOO adds a fifth size to the highly-popular tent system, reinforcing its range of inflatable event structures.

The X GLOO XC 3, specifically designed for compact trade fair and exhibit spaces, fits into any location with a size of 3x3 m (10x10 ft).

“We are particularly pleased that we now cater to the needs of the North American market”,

explains Sven Künzel, Head of Sales at X GLOO. “The 3x3-meter size corresponds to 10x10 feet—the most common size exhibit space for events in North America—making it ideally suited to be an eye-catcher for the US and Canadian markets, in particular.”

The XC 3 can also be used for larger booths, thanks to the option to connect two or more XC 3 tents to one another. This makes it possible to cover 3x6 m / 10x20 ft or even 3x9 m / 10x30 ft spaces comfortably and protect them from the elements. Like all inflatable X GLOO event structures, the premium-quality XC 3 is waterproof, UV resistant, flame retardant, wind resistant and long lasting.

“The in-house X GLOO development team has truly imbued the XC 3 with our core values: versatile, high-quality and easy-to-use“, explains Christoph Kirsch, Head of Technical Development at X GLOO, with pride for his team. “Plus, thanks to our European production team, we were able to implement some new optimized features.”

“Together, this allows us offer the XC 3 at a particularly attractive price”,

adds Sven Künzel, Head of Sales at X GLOO. With just 8.8 kg (approximately 18 lb) and the pack size of a duffel bag or hiking backpack, the XC 3 is also a lightweight compared to typical pop-up tents, and tops every comparison to typical collapsible tents or pole tents. The time required for setup—less than 5 minutes using an electric pump or less than 10 minutes using the included hand pump—is also record-breaking and saves valuable time for managing other event preparation details.

The XC 3 responds to the needs of many different target groups: as a market tent, promotion booth, exhibition stand, mobile location or as a companion on a roadshow, it is the solution for so much.

The XC 3 can be customized using the CLASSIC and DELUXE options. With the CLASSIC option, the tent is available in black, white, grey, blue, and red. Logos, text and graphics can be applied through optional thermal-transfer foil printing. With the DELUXE option, full-surface dye-sublimation printing is included, for the creation of custom, highly-unique tents in any color and design. This makes tents in the DELUXE option perfectly suited for brand activations, product promotions, and other live-marketing events. Both the CLASSIC and DELUXE options take advantage of the optimized form of the XC 3, which features a wide, highly-visible surface on all four sides of the roof. For both options, the inflatable tubes are always grey, with the exception of orders of 10 tents or more. In these cases, tubes in black, white, red, or blue may be special-ordered.

Door, window and standard walls are available equipment options for the 3x3m Event Tent. These are also available in CLASSIC and DELUXE options.

For more information, questions, a quote, or to purchase a product, a worldwide network of sales partners and the X GLOO team is ready to serve you.


Happy 10th Anniversary X GLOO®!

10 Years of X-GLOO®! 10 Years of X-cellence! 10 Years of X-perience! Happy 10th Anniversary!

X GLOO® – manufacturer of the original Inflatable Event Tent and worldwide leader in quality, design and innovation – is celebrating its 10th Anniversary.

X GLOO® is a brand of Skywalk GmbH & CO KG, a German designer and manufacturer of Skywalk paragliders, Flysurfer kitesurfing equipment and the X GLOO® Inflatable Event Tent. The first X GLOO tent prototypes were actually designed to provide shelter, training rooms and storage during paragliding and kitesurfing events. However, a larger market for corporate branding and events ultimately launched the X GLOO® Inflatable Event Tent internationally.

The goal was not only to build a tent which could withstand extreme weather conditions such as high wind speeds, extreme sun exposure, rain and snow; but also one which could also function independent of any power source. The tent also had to have an impressive shape and design, be lightweight, and of course be quick and easy to set up. No easy task—yet the inventors at Skywalk soon had their first prototypes ready using years of aeronautical and lightweight textile experience to their advantage.

The new aerodynamic tent was christened with the name X GLOO® because of the igloo shape provided by the arching tubes and expanded roof. The round, igloo shape of the tent as well as the high-quality components would become the trendsetter in the industry.

Manfred Kistler, co-founder of Skywalk and inventor of the X GLOO®, remembers “the inital reactions to the X GLOO Inflatable Event Tent were enormous. Everyone wanted one, so we decided to create a new business division under Skywalk called X GLOO.”

Since its product launch in 2007, X GLO® has been the innovator, trendsetter and specialist in inflatable event tents. The company has invested thousands of hours in engineering and extensively tested dozens of fabrics and tent prototypes to ensure that X-GLOO tents are the best quality, best looking and most reliable tents on the market. Due to these commitments to quality, design and rigorous product development, X GLOO® was awarded the red dot design award in 2008.

X GLOO® is an internationally recognized brand and trusted product. A short list of companies using X GLOO® inflatable event tents are Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Coors Light, Yogi Tea, Go Pro, DJI, BKT Tires, Landrover, Jaguar, Audi, Ford, Chevrolet, Adidas, Puma, Nike, Trek, and Thule.

In addition to having a successful product, Skywalk GmbH & CO KG and its X GLOO® team provide excellent service including in-house graphic design, product development and custom fabrications, technical support, customer service, and have repair centers located in strategic markets. X GLOO® has a strong global position with a network of over 50 distribution partners around the world.

To make this anniversary even more special, X GLOO® will be breaking new ground and writing new history by establishing its US Headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina by the Summer of 2017. This will enable X GLOO® to dominate North American markets and also provide more support to North American sales and distribution channels.

X GLOO® goes USA – an eye-catcher for your brand

X GLOO® goes USA: Discover the possibilities!

The X GLOO® Inflatable Event Tent offers a highly-customizable solution for events, displays, marketing campaigns, and other promotional activities indoors or out.

Our Inflatable Event Tents come in a wide range of sizes, are easy to assemble, and can be connected with each other to provide a setting large enough for every need. Plus, when coupled with vibrant full-surface digital printing, the tents can be transformed to present your brand, logo, and other images.

The X GLOO® Tent is an eye-catcher that helps your brand and your business stand out!

We are seeking for new distributors – contact


X GLOO® Inflatable Display Wall – portable presentation

Inflatable Display Wall enables flexible and portable branding indoors or -out

With the Inflatable Display Wall, Skywalk offers a flexible and portable presentation wall. Similar to X GLOO’s Inflatable Event Tent, the Display Wall can be set up in minutes and is highly suitable for both indoor- and outdoor use. The Wall Print is tensioned over a matte-black PVC Inflatable Frame. This is supported, depending on the setup location, by Aluminum- or Inflatable Supports. The Display Wall can also be securely anchored using tent pegs or X GLOO’s Water Ballast Barrels.


The Display Wall measures 3 meters wide and 2,25 meters high and the tubes of the Inflatable Frame have a diameter of 21 cm. When connected to the Inflatable Support the wall has a depth of 1,3 meters. In tight spaces, the depth can be reduced by using the Aluminum Support. The Wall Print is 2,79 meters wide and 2,04 meters high, offering a surface of nearly 6 square meters for your image or message, which is represented in brilliant color through high-quality dye-sublimation printing. Thanks to a clever, yet simple system of toggles, the Wall Print can be quickly and easily replaced as often as you need to.


Thus, X GLOO® clients can choose between different motifs to suit every event. Especially for agencies with numerous clients, the X GLOO® Inflatable Display Wall represents a cost-effective presentation format. „Many of our X GLOO® clients especially appreciate the personalization options of the tent ,“ says Erich Grossar, Austrian distributor for X GLOO®.


„Above all, at trade fairs or when the X-GLOO® is used as a marketing tool for product presentations, our clients might need an extra advertising surface – and the Display Wall is just the perfect addition! Added personalization in the trendy X GLOO® design!“ Just like the X GLOO® Event Tent, the Inflatable Display Wall is a modular system: the shackles at the four corners of the Inflatable Frame make it possible to connect any number of Display Walls together. „We always kept the focus on the core features of our X GLOO Tent during the development of the Display Wall: Flexibility, user-friendliness, elegant design, high quality and durability,“ according to Manfred Kistler, business director at Skywalk and inventor of the X GLOO® lightweight tent.


„The Display Wall joins all these features and complements the tent wonderfully! The only difference between the Display Wall and the Event Tent is that the Display Wall has no internal air bladders: The frame and the optional Outdoor Support are themselves inflated. This is possible since the materials used for the Display Wall are welded together, not sewn, and therefore can handle more pressure.


“ Two important features of the Inflatable Display Wall are its flexibility and ease of operation: The Display Wall can be used indoors and outdoors thanks to the robust quality of the frame and optional Inflatable Support, the fulfillment of B1-fire-protection norms and the ease of cleaning. Additionally, the optional mesh material available for the Wall Print is air-permeable and offers improved stability during outdoor use. Despite its size, the Inflatable Display Wall, along with both the Inflatable and Aluminum Supports, can be packed in the provided Trolley for easy transportation to and from your event location! To ensure an easy setup of the Inflatable Display Wall, X GLOO has provided a quick-setup guide with easy-to-understand illustrations printed directly on the Inflatable Frame.


Plus, with the available Aluminum Supports, Inflatable Support, Peg Set, and the included anchoring lines, X GLOO offers anchoring options for the Display Wall which allow it to be set up on any ground surface. The Inflatable Support offers the flexibility to be used on hard- or soft ground surfaces since it can be partially filled with water in high-wind conditions, or it can be anchored with the optional 500mm-long tent pegs inserted through three D-rings. For setup in locations with higher wind speeds, you can alternatively (or additionally) use X GLOO Water Ballast Barrels to anchor the Display Wall.