– Paul Guschlbauer chooses X GLOO® for his latest adventure! – Paul Guschlbauer chooses X GLOO® for his latest adventure!

X GLOO will be accompanying Paul Guschlbauer on his 180-day flight adventure from Alaska to Patagonia ( In total, he will cover 18,000 km with his 1956 Piper Super Cub – with his constant companion, the X GLOO® XC3!

For his trip, the inflatable 3x3m tent will be put to use as a rain shelter, sunshade, gear/supply tent and as a mobile interview location for press appointments. In an pinch, it can also serve as a camp for the night. Due to the small pack size and the light weight it is tailor-made for for this trip, serving as the Swiss army knife of tents. Set it up anywhere, and use it for anything!

See the first pictures from Paul’s adventure here.

Find more information about the inflatable XC 3 Event Tent from X GLOO® here.

SMART Promotion with the nice X GLOO® Event Tent

SMART appears with a trendy X GLOO® lounge at the Beachvolleyball EM 2013 within the program of the current eBall promotional tour

SMART presented the eBall interactive Game from July 30 until August 4 at the Beachvolleyball EM at the Wörthersee in Austria. The automobile manufacturer chose the X GLOO Event Tent with the extraordinary design exactly for this promotional tour: two 5x5 X GLOOs hosted the trendy SMART eBall lounge area.  Side walls and canopy banner branded with the eBall logo provided the desired attention-getting effect!

„ Our clients were immediately impressed by the X GLOO®: chic design, clever functionality and robust materials, quickly and easily branded with company logo -exactly the right tent for a promotional tour,“ according to Moritz Guggenberger from the advertising agency lautstark of Vienna.

Lightweight transport and quick and easy setup with high stability are additional advantages of the flexible tent system: inflation in just minutes by 1-2 people – according to tent size – the X GLOO® stands securely on asphalt, sand, grass or snow.  The waterproof and UV-robust materials allow the chic allrounder to be used indoors or outdoors. In addition, the fabric fulfills B1/CPAI-84 fire protection norms and is individually brandable – making it the perfect image promotional tool.

Erich Grossar of GROSSAR innovative products, the Austrian X GLOO® partner, informs „A water ballast barrel has been designed for anchoring the tents. This system can also be used as seating. It is exactly this clever functionality of the X GLOO system that continues to win over clients again and again!“

The X GLOO offers numerous practical accessories like the X-Relax seating and LED lighting set.

GoPro under the X GLOO® Tent at the mountain biking WM

The trendy lightweight tent from the company Skywalk impresses the camera manufacturer GoPro with functionality and design

Six X-GLOO® event tents were in use at this year’s Mountain Biking World Championships in Leogang/Saalfelden: Erich Grossar, the X GLOO® Austria dealer, recently gained a new client with the camera manufacturer GoPro.

The sponsor of the Mountain Biking World Championships was impressed by the chic design and clever functionality of the modular tent system from Germany: „The X GLOO® is a great allrounder, perfectly suited for use in the mountains as well – the low weight makes it simple to transport and easy setup allows for use at any spot along the race course. “We were impressed that a lightweight tent system could stand on such an uneven surface,“ says Markus Stöckl of GoPro Europa Team. „It was simple to set up even on asphalt– we are impressed with the X GLOO® System!“

The innovative material of the X GLOO is well-suited for outdoor use: The Roof is water-repellent and UV-resistant. Designed according to aerodynamic principles, the premium event tent can withstand wind speeds of up to 60 km/h.

Especially on the first two stormy days, the stable event tent turned out to be a big plus for the event organizer, Leogang alpine resort. The new 8x8 meter X GLOO® was set up right behind the start house, offering the downhill competitors the optimal protection from the elements before the start.

The X GLOO® offers the perfect presentation platform for the advertising image of the action camera manufacturer, branded with the attention-getting GoPro-Logo: „The X GLOO® is a super fit for this active scene. And it is terrific for our promotional purposes thanks to the unlimited branding options“, according to James Clifford, Sports Marketing Event Manager from GoPro. The GoPro X GLOOs were equipped with Canopies, Canopy Banners and Entrance Walls. The camera manufacturer chose printing on the Roof and Canopy Banner as well as printing on the inside and outside of the Side Walls. The white lettering with blue logo has real visual pop on the black background! And voila, the X GLOO® Event Tent becomes the perfect eye-catcher!

The X GLOO® is also available in 4x4m and 5x5m. With tunnel-like connection elements, you can combine as many X-GLOOs of the same or different sizes as you like. The Event Tent is also available with Side Walls, Entrance- or Window Walls, Canopy, Canopy Banner and lighting.

The X GLOO® is available in the X-Act variation in the colors white, blue, red or black, or in the personalized X-Pert version. „The X-Pert version allows clients to choose from any color in the Pantone color guide “, says Everhard Uphoff, Head of Sales and Marketing at X GLOO® Germany headquarters. Multicolored tents are also possible.

German National Football League presents itself with X GLOO®

The VFL Wolfsburg is depending on the sporty-trendy X GLOO® tent for its fan club events

After professional guidance by the Cologne-based X GLOO® partner LA CONCEPT GmbH, VFL Wolfsburg decided on the purchase of the elegant X GLOO® Tent manufactured by the company Skywalk.

The Bundesliga (German National Football League) team was totally impressed by the sporty design of the lightweight tent and will be using the flexible tent system for its numerous fan projects, in order to create large covered event areas. The Wolfsburg team chose two X GLOOs, one 4x4m and one 5x5m tent. Together with the Tunnel Elements, the premium tents can be connected to form a completely branded ‘tent street‘, but can be used alone too, of course. The air-filled supporting Tubes, Roof and Side Walls were designed according to the football club’s color, a striking tone of green. Printed team logos on the Side Walls and Roof attract attention. This is a special feature of the X GLOO®: it can be completely branded with logos or pictures by screen- or digital printing. Sewn application is also an option – making the X GLOO a perfect brandable marketing tool!

An additional plus point of the X GLOO® Event Tent is the simple handling and low transport weight and dimensions: „With these advantages, we were able to convince the VFL Wolfsburg management to go with the X GLOO® System for their fan events!“ according to Dennis Kirchen of the X GLOO® sales partner LA CONCEPT in Cologne, exclusive provider within the postal codes of 3,4 and 5. „Our clientele is always amazed when we roll out the handy trolley and only 10 minutes later the fully branded tent stands inflated before them“.

The X GLOO® is suited for indoor and outdoor use, thanks to UV-resistant and waterproof materials, and can withstand wind speeds of up to 60 km/h. It also fulfills CPAI-84/B1 fire protection norms. The tent system is stable on any surface, whether asphalt, sand or water!

For the igloo-like lightweight tent, there are interesting accessories for each size, 4x4m 4x4m, 5x5m, 6x6m and 8x8m, which can be attached by zipper in a snap: Canopy, Canopy Banner, Lighting solutions, Side Walls with Doors or Window Elements as well as the X-Relax, an elegant seating solution.

The X GLOO® is available in the X-Act module in the colors white, blue, red or black, or in the personalized X-Pert module.