Designed for 3x3 m / 10x10 ft exhibition spaces.

With the launch of the XC 3 Event Tent, X GLOO adds a fifth size to the highly-popular tent system, reinforcing its range of inflatable event structures.

The X GLOO XC 3, specifically designed for compact trade fair and exhibit spaces, fits into any location with a size of 3x3 m (10x10 ft).

“We are particularly pleased that we now cater to the needs of the North American market”,

explains Sven Künzel, Head of Sales at X GLOO. “The 3x3-meter size corresponds to 10x10 feet—the most common size exhibit space for events in North America—making it ideally suited to be an eye-catcher for the US and Canadian markets, in particular.”

The XC 3 can also be used for larger booths, thanks to the option to connect two or more XC 3 tents to one another. This makes it possible to cover 3x6 m / 10x20 ft or even 3x9 m / 10x30 ft spaces comfortably and protect them from the elements. Like all inflatable X GLOO event structures, the premium-quality XC 3 is waterproof, UV resistant, flame retardant, wind resistant and long lasting.

“The in-house X GLOO development team has truly imbued the XC 3 with our core values: versatile, high-quality and easy-to-use“, explains Christoph Kirsch, Head of Technical Development at X GLOO, with pride for his team. “Plus, thanks to our European production team, we were able to implement some new optimized features.”

“Together, this allows us offer the XC 3 at a particularly attractive price”,

adds Sven Künzel, Head of Sales at X GLOO. With just 8.8 kg (approximately 18 lb) and the pack size of a duffel bag or hiking backpack, the XC 3 is also a lightweight compared to typical pop-up tents, and tops every comparison to typical collapsible tents or pole tents. The time required for setup—less than 5 minutes using an electric pump or less than 10 minutes using the included hand pump—is also record-breaking and saves valuable time for managing other event preparation details.

The XC 3 responds to the needs of many different target groups: as a market tent, promotion booth, exhibition stand, mobile location or as a companion on a roadshow, it is the solution for so much.

The XC 3 can be customized using the CLASSIC and DELUXE options. With the CLASSIC option, the tent is available in black, white, grey, blue, and red. Logos, text and graphics can be applied through optional thermal-transfer foil printing. With the DELUXE option, full-surface dye-sublimation printing is included, for the creation of custom, highly-unique tents in any color and design. This makes tents in the DELUXE option perfectly suited for brand activations, product promotions, and other live-marketing events. Both the CLASSIC and DELUXE options take advantage of the optimized form of the XC 3, which features a wide, highly-visible surface on all four sides of the roof. For both options, the inflatable tubes are always grey, with the exception of orders of 10 tents or more. In these cases, tubes in black, white, red, or blue may be special-ordered.

Door, window and standard walls are available equipment options for the 3x3m Event Tent. These are also available in CLASSIC and DELUXE options.

For more information, questions, a quote, or to purchase a product, a worldwide network of sales partners and the X GLOO team is ready to serve you.